Oct. 9, 2021

Straight Ballin'

"My name is J.B. Williams, and I am the world's greatest athlete. Baseball, football, basketball, I love sports. I've tried all kinds of sports. If it has a ball, I am an expert. I became so good that I gained superpowers. It started when I was nine years old. What started? The day I never missed my shot. I played a basketball game with the homies, and I scored over 50 points in that game. When it came to football, I could throw the ball very far distances. My aim was perfect. In baseball, my pitching speed was well over 100 miles per hour. In no time, I became popular locally. A couple of months later, I was famous across the country. People knew me as the kid who was good at ball sports. Coaches and A1 colleges started calling me for scholarships because they wanted me to attend their schools. I guess you can say my superpowers made my life? But at the age of 14, something happened that would forever change me. I remember walking down the street one day, minding my business, when all of a sudden, a purse snatcher stole this old lady's belongings. I'm not too fond of people acting up in my neighborhood. Can't we all get along? I don't know what came over me, but I had a marble in my pocket because I had been practicing my marble thumping for a few days. Using my skills, I launched the marble at the crook. The impact hits his head, which knocked him out. I returned the purse to the old lady as she thanked me. I have never felt that way before. As if I was somebody's hero. But it did feel good. I like sports, being in the limelight, and being popular with the girls, but perhaps I should try crime-fighting? You know, like patrolling my neighborhood and trying to make it a better and safer place. So you know what? I started putting it into practice. I began working with my local police and performing citizen arrests. With my bag of trusty marbles, I could easily take out a wrongdoer from hundreds of feet away without them even realizing it was me. I still like playing sports with my friends, but I feel like helping others and fixing my neighborhood is my calling with these powers. Some of my friends think I am stupid for giving up a life of luxury, glamor, and money for a thankless superhero job. They always talk about how many girls I could have and how many cars I could drive. But what is most important to me is defending my neighborhood and making it a safe place for my parents to live. What do you think?"
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