We're on a mission to make your children into superheroes!

Have you ever, as a child put on a cape and pretended to be a superhero? Do you remember the Adventures you had? It is our mission to write children stories about their adventures as a superhero.

My Story

Anwar LeJacques Knox is an Atlanta-based Artist and Creator. He initially studied screenwriting. Later on, he began writing and publishing children's books.

"I developed my first children's audiobook in 2016"

I always would have people give me compliments on my voice. They say things like, "You should be on the radio."

This all started with a passion to write comic books believe it or not.

A few years ago I collaborated with many artists and writers to develop comic books. I learned a lot from those experiences and the industry. Upon my journey, I learned about the popularity of podcasts and decided to look into it. It was then I had an "Aha!" moment.

Who We Serve

Each audio story and book that is created is dedicated to our loyal listeners.

"Kids from ages five to twelve"

We serve all the children out there who feel they are extraordinary and will bring fantastic works into the world. If they are not aware of their individuality our programs are dedicated to developing their growth.

Originality  Creativity  Identity  Morality  Guidance  Intellect

Original in the sense that all stories are created by me and are not plagiarized works of art. When listening to my podcast or watching videos on YouTube you will notice the unique quality.

My audio stories specialize in clever plot twists. Infused within my character designs, names and special abilities is creativity.

Furthermore, I like to show good ethics, knowing right from wrong. I believe at a certain age children start to decipher right from wrong, good from bad.

It is a mission of mine to provide stories with wholesome morals and lessons within them. Quite possibly navigating children listeners to make proper ethical choices and avoid transparent mistakes.

Establishing a sense of self-esteem that makes kids want to engage in positions of leadership. Keep in mind that in no shape or form is our podcast meant to substitute good parenting. I want my programs to be a beacon for children that may not have had a good day at school and listening to the podcast makes them feel good. 

It is my intent to provide stories that will challenge and enhance your child's faculties. Is the content intricate and complex? No, it is written for young minds to digest. Within my content contains nuggets of wisdom, math, chemistry, etc.