Sep. 17, 2021

The G.O.A.T. Writer

"My uncle once said that if you believe in something, it will come true. I had no idea how powerful those words were and how they changed my life forever. I mean, everything in my life is super cool now. I get everything that I want. All I have to do is write it and read it, and it comes true. Isn't that cool? My name is Key Schwartz, and this is my story."

"I remember it like it was yesterday. But it wasn't. It was about four months ago, I think. My father and mother took me camping. They told me that once every 314 years, a special comet will pass through the sky. So we waited to see while we were stargazing one night, and it happened. I saw the comet. My parents are really big on these types of things, but I'd rather be on my phone playing video games or writing. I like writing."

"As I looked at the comet, it began to flash a really bright white light. Are comets supposed to do that? Because this light covered the entire sky and my surroundings. I'm lying in a hospital bed with my parents sitting next to me the next thing I know. My mom tells me that I passed out and was unconscious for many hours. Finally, my doctor comes in and gives me the results that I am fine, and I may have just passed out because of exhaustion."

Key asks for a root beer. However, the hospital does not have any. So instead, his parents give him his writing pad and his phone. As his parents step away, he plays on his phone, but he starts writing in his journal out of boredom. Key notes, " I wanna root beer." Moments later, a random stranger walks into his room. "Hey kid, you remind me of my son. Would you like this root beer?" He looks surprised, "Would I! Thanks, random guy, I mean, thank you, sir." The random man walks out of the room and smiles. Key Schwartz begins to jot and his memo pad some more as he drinks his root beer.

He continues to jot his journal taking notes of the time and surroundings. Suddenly the LEAD tip of his pencil breaks. Key notates that his pencil broke and that he needs a new pencil. Moments later, a nurse knocks on his door, "Excuse me, young man. I couldn't help but notice that it looks like you like to write. Do you like Christmas? I have this special Christmas pencil if you want it."

Key looks surprised, "Uh, sure. It's nowhere near Christmas, but okay." Key takes the pencil and keeps writing. Key notates in his journal that every time he requests something, it immediately happens. So out of curiosity, Key puts it to the test again. Hours later, his parents return to his hospital room, which is now filled with all kinds of items that were not there previously, such as giant teddy bears, baskets of fruit, candy, and a baseball signed by a professional baseball player. Gift cards and a lot more. "Son, where did all this stuff come from?" Said his father. Key smiles, "Strangers gave it to me, dad. What can I say? People love me."

The same night Key Schwartz is discharged from the hospital. "And that's how it started. As the days went by, the more things I wrote came true. In a short time, I was able to have three girlfriends and become the most popular guy in school. I wished to be athletic, and Then it magically happened. Though I am only thirteen, I now have ivy League schools scouting for Me. The state of Pennsylvania donated a $50,000 check to me for my remarkableness. I even asked for an awesome treehouse to be built in my backyard. And guess what? It happened. A group of construction workers built it for free. I think I have the best life possible. I'm not sure if it's because of that special comet, but my uncle was right when he always encouraged me to speak things into existence. But all I have to do is write it."