Sep. 11, 2021

Akii 秋

A young girl sits in a tree as she watches her surroundings. A group of three men walks through the forest, looking for her. From their heads, a gas substance that emits light forms rat ears, which adorn their heads. From their rear, a rat tail appears, which is also made of a type of gas that radiates light. All three men take a sniff in the air, smelling their surroundings.

They look up to see the young woman sitting in the tree. "We found you. Come on down, brat." Said one of the men. "Oh great, rat-men. How annoying." Said the young woman. She grabs her pendant and speaks, "Fox powers activate." The young woman jumps down from the tree. She is 14 years of age with dark hair and brown eyes. She performs martial arts, which subdue the men unconscious. Then, using quick speed like a fox, she dashes away.

We go deeper into the woods and see a man standing in front of a dragon statue shrine. "Oh, mighty ancestors, I have found you a worthy sacrifice." Said the man. Suddenly many green will-o-wisps cover the dragon statue, burning it. The man looks up in anger but quickly calms down. He smirks. "Come in out, Akii. I know you're here."

A tornado of autumn leaves appears in front of the man then subside. The young fox woman, known as Akii, appears. From her rear, a foxtail appears made of gas which shines light. "It ends here, Aoshi." Said Akii. Aoshi reveals a hexagon-shaped amulet. It glows a dark purple color. The green fires that were engulfing the dragon statue vanish. The once burned statue reverses to become brand new again like Akii never burned it in the first place.

"Do you know what this is?" Said Aoshi. Akii takes a self-defense stance. Aoshi aims the amulet towards her. "You will." Hexagonal pulses of light are emitted from the amulet, which sucks Akii inside of it. In another part of the woods, Akii is flung from the hexagonal pulses of light. She stands up. What was once autumn is now winter.

"What just happened?" Said Akii. From a distance, she hears a collection of sounds she is not accustomed to. Akii dashes at high speeds towards the edge of a cliff. She sees the modern city of Sendai in the distance. She is not aware she's been transported 300 years into the future. Akii is confused, "What is this?"