Sep. 7, 2021

Kid-Friendly Superhero Jokes

1 How do superheroes prepare their dinner?
They save the food first!

2 A few guys in Spiderman costumes walked into a bar.
Apparently, they were web designers!

3 What is best served cold?

4 Why do superheroes always get the bad guys?
Because they’re so cape-able!

5 How was the superhero party?
It was pretty Lo-ki!

6 Why did Superman never need a babysitter?
Because he always had Super Vision!

7 What do you call a superhero who likes to cook?

8 Which place do superheroes flock to?
Cape town!

9 Did you hear the joke about the superhero Wind Man?
I don’t know what it was, but apparently, everyone was blown away!

10 What nickname can you call Iron Man when he does household chores?
Ironing Man!