Sep. 4, 2021

The Secret Sword of Grace

It is a cold winter day in a popular city in America. Two kids, Jackson Grace and Richard McIntosh travel down a city sidewalk in a hurry. Dressed warmly for the occasion the two kids 12 years of age wear thick coats. It begins to snow. "Richard where are we going?" Said Jackson.

"I already told you, Jackson, we are going to an abandoned building." Said, Richard. "An abandoned building Rich? That doesn't sound like a good idea to me. There could be all kinds of dangers in an abandoned building. What about rats infected with rabies and broken glass everywhere? There could be people living there that are not friendly. Ultra smelly too. Super hazards everywhere in an abandoned building. We could fall through the floor. I think we should turn around Rich. Plus it's pretty cold out here. It looks like the snowstorm will pick up pretty soon. And, I'm hungry."

Richard shakes his head, "Nope! I'm not having that. Has anybody ever told you over talk a lot, Jackson? Stop being such a scaredy-cat. We will be safe. I have already been inside this building and as long as we have our flashlights on our phones we'll be fine." "Okay I'll go but you still owe me a cheeseburger." Said Jackson. The two young men turn a corner and Richard points at a five-story abandoned building. It starts to snow harder. The two boys run inside the abandoned building to avoid the snow.

On their cell phones, they activate the flashlight option, which lights up the surroundings. "All right we're here but you still haven't told me what you wanted to show me." Said Jackson. "I know, it's a secret. But I found it in the basement. I know you'll love it." Said, Richard. The two traverse to the basement using the stairs. As they arrive Richard shines his flashlight on what looks like a sword wedged inside a cinder block. Jackson has a perplexed expression as he speaks, "Is that?" "A sword stuck inside of a slab of concrete? Yes." Said, Richard. "Whoa. Super cool. What's something like that doing here? This doesn't make any sense. But I do like swords so let's check it out." Said Jackson. The two young men approach the mysterious sword. Jackson grabs the hilt of the sword and easily pulls it out of the concrete. To his surprise, the sword was actually very small.

Richard has a shocked expression, "Dude I can't believe you pulled it out so easily! I spent over an hour trying to pull this thing out of the Stone. I even hurt my hands doing it. Geez, you made me look weak dude." Jackson chuckles, "No worries my guy. You probably loosened it up for me."

All of a sudden the surroundings around Jackson change. He finds himself in a regal-looking courtyard where a man dressed as a knight approaches him. Jackson looks around very confused as he does not know where he is. The weather is different here. It went from a cold winter day to a warm day in the springtime with clear skies. "At last the sword of Grace has been summoned. You are the chosen one Jackson Grace as it is your bloodline that can handle this legendary sword." Said the knight. "Where am I? What happened to my friend?" Said Jackson. "You are in the land of Wisteria. Your friend is fine but I don't have much time to talk before I fade away. I will be your mentor and teach you how to use that sword. Call me sir Droggenheim."

Jackson still with a surprised expression speaks, "this is, this can't be real. Why me?" Back in the real world, Richard starts to call Jackson's name repeatedly. Jackson in a dazed expression snaps out of it. "Dude are you ok?" Said, Richard. Jackson looks at his sword. His eyes start to slightly glow without his knowing. The glow in his eyes fades away. Jackson looks at his friend Richard, "I don't know but let's go. Besides, I still want that cheeseburger."