Sep. 1, 2021

Who Gets To Choose?

Should a parent allow a child to pick the career path that suits them? This has been a long-standing debate amongst parents and their offspring for many years in various societies. Many argue a parent knows best. They (the parents) will direct their child to the best fields of study based on its merit and revenue.

In a previous blog post, I presented when a parent pays attention to their child at a young age they will show you who they are. In my opinion, I feel based on your child's likes and dislikes you should tailor them to a specific profession. There are a lot of jobs in the world and need people to fill these spots.

Nonetheless, I understand parent's positions. The art of informing your child whom to marry and career paths. Family legacy. However, here is the truth. No matter what happens, your child is going to make decisions you do not agree with. Most likely, they will walk the path of whom they're supposed to be. Destiny? No matter the case, stay super.