Aug. 27, 2021

Pocket Paul

Night falls over a small town in Oregon. In a small neighborhood, a house fire emerges on the scene. The family that lived there was able to escape safely. Everyone in the neighborhood stands by to witness the house fire. Shortly thereafter a fire truck arrives on the scene. With dedication and passion, firefighters work to put out the house fire. On the third floor of this house, a cat sticks its head out of the window. It is trapped. Expressions of despair and anxiety fall upon people's faces watching this event unfold. A young boy runs up on the scene. He is 14 years of age. His name is Shai Paul. "Hey look everyone, it's Pocket Paul!" From a special Pockets, he pulls out a large inflated bouncy house. Paul signals the house cat to jump on the inflatable structure. Soon thereafter the cat no longer hesitates and it jumps out the window. The cat lands safely on the bouncy house. It runs and jumps in the arms of its owners. The people of the neighborhood begin to clap and cheer on Paul's heroic Act. Paul turns around and gives a peace sign as he smiles. "Thank you, thank you!" A firefighter approaches Shai Paul, "You got something else in those pockets of yours that can help us?" Pocket Paul pulls out a small inflatable balloon. "I have an idea." Said Paul as he smiles. Moments later a firefighter continues to fill Paul's pocket with water from the hose. "That should do the trick," said Paul. From his pocket, he pulls out a large step ladder and places it on a neighbor's house, which is next door to the burning building. Pocket Paul climbs up the ladder and arrives on the roof. From his pocket, Paul pulls out a super large water balloon the size of a house and throws it on the house on fire. The balloon pops as the concentration of water instantly puts out the flames. At first, people are amazed at the sight, then shortly after they start clapping and cheering on Paul Pocket. He takes a bow.