Aug. 22, 2021

Sweet James

A car chase is happening in the middle of the day. Three well-known criminals are driving down the highway in a suped-up Dodge Charger. Not too far behind are many police officers in their vehicles giving chase. One of the criminals, who is driving gives his henchmen an order, "Let them have it, Mickey. Deploy the spikes." The henchman known as Mickey presses a button and the Dodge Charger releases over 200 small spikes upon the street. The police officers who are in hot pursuit spot the spikes on the street and frantically swerve to get out of the way. However, they fail to navigate away from the hazard. The spikes blow out the tires of all police vehicles. The police cars that were giving chase are now out of commission. The criminals laugh and celebrate because they believe they are victorious. They drive off the freeway towards city streets. From the distance a toy car made of candy pursues. One of the criminals looks in the rearview mirror to spot what is happening. "Sweet James! It's the kid! Behind us! It's John Candy!" A look of despair begins to fall upon the criminal's face. John Candy, 16 years of age speeds up to the getaway car. The dodge charger releases a smokescreen, which shakes Sweet James off their trail. Several city blocks later they turn a corner and see the kid standing in the middle of the street waiting for them. John pulls a green lollipop out of his pocket, which instantly grows to become larger than him. He swings the candy on a stick like a baseball bat, which stops the perpetrators in their tracks. John extends his palm towards the damaged vehicle. "Bubble beam." A flurry of bubble gum bubbles land on the vehicle converting into a super strong glue. Sticky bubble gum gets inside the car capturing the crooks. The criminals squirm but cannot escape. The authorities arrive shortly on the scene.