Aug. 16, 2021

Your Child's "Codename"

Pay attention to your child's interests. You will notice the activities they are brightest at. Give them a "code name," symbolizing that particular skill set. What do I mean by a code name? It's a nickname. In family structures, nicknames are not a new concept. However, sometimes nicknames can be detrimental because not all nicknames boost confidence and self-esteem.

A code name functions as your child's theme. This will alternate their mindset and boost self-esteem for their skill set. You can think of a code name as something similar to a superhero's name. However please don't make it too corny, respectfully speaking.

Let me give you an example. There was a kid who was given the "code name" of "Butch." His peers also called him by this name. This name invokes a very masculine tone to it thus making this kid grow up to be quite the alpha male. Another example, I knew a kid who had a code name "Serpentine." Now, this code name kind of raises an eyebrow at first but it starts to grow on you, to be honest. Later on, this kid grows up to become a respectable snake owner.

You have to keep in mind that children are a canvas that can be dyed any color. In a previous post, I talked about children and their affinity for a special color. This post is very similar however, it deals with words that imprint into your child's psyche which helps them to develop special traits and qualities that define their lives.