Aug. 7, 2021

Dusty & The Magical Shovel

A father and son drive across the country. Their journeys lead them down a backwoods highway in Texas. Dusty Moreland, 13 years of age tells his father to pull over. As his father drives the vehicle on the highway's shoulder, Dusty's magical shovel begins to slightly glow. "Yeah, baby let's do it! It's glow time." Said, Dusty. His father smiles as he makes a right turn off the freeway as they drive over the dry terrain.

As they continue to transverse, Dusty's shovel begins to glow more abruptly. "This is it right here dad, stop." Said, Dusty. The vehicle quickly comes to a halt. Dusty hops out of the car with his magical shovel in hand. He looks up towards the sky with an excited expression, "Booyah!" Said, Dusty. "Alright son, let's see what you can dig up this time." Said, Mr. Moreland. Dusty smiles, "Alright dad watch this."

Dusty thrusts the magical shovel into the ground and starts digging. He easily flings a piece of debris, a quarter size of a football field out the ground. Mr. Moreland looks onward in amazement. "Wow, that's some shovel right there." Moments later Dusty finds some treasure. He unearths a pair of ancient glasses. Dusty puts them on his face. "What the?" Dusty walks out of the crater he dug. From a far distance in multiple locations, he can see pillars of light that appear magical. "Hey dad, I think these glasses will lead us to our next excavation." Said, Dusty.