Jul. 29, 2021


Clarence Moss, 11 years of age sits at his desk as he begins his test for social studies. He is at school. He is surrounded by his peers as they also begin to take a test. Clarence's teacher, Mrs. Ramos tells the class they may begin. As soon as Clarence begins taking the test he hears a familiar voice speak to him. "Aye Moss we've got a giant teddy bear on the loose." Clarence thinks to himself, "What do you mean Delta Guardian? I'm sorta in the middle of a test here." Delta Guardian responds, "It will be unleashed upon the city in 9 minutes. We have to move quick!" Clarence thinks to himself, "What about my test?" Beta Guardian provides Clarence the answers. Soon thereafter Clarence excuses himself from class with the excuse that his stomach hurts.

Clarence runs outside, "Alpha Armor activate." Suddenly mythological armor in the form of light forms around Clarence. He flies towards the city. "Am I going the right direction?" Said, Clarence. "Never doubt us kid," said Alpha Guardian. From the distance, a giant teddy bear begins to grow over 100 feet in height. The plush bear begins a rampage on the city. Clarence flies towards the bear as it swings and misses him. "Ha! you missed." Said, Clarence. The large teddy bear shoots millions of marbles from its mouth. Clarence shields himself. "Gamma Armor activate!" Again, his armor changes as lands on the ground. Pointing two fingers towards his foe Clarence exerts a psychic force, which makes the teddy bear explode. Cotton covers the area.